BL!SSS Feature: Super Taste

Our newest Girls in Guys’ Clothes babe Mayson Kai Go to or find it in local Orange County shops. Photos by Bryant Eslava

“Photo shoots don’t always go as planned, and such was the case on this month’s Super Taste shoot, as a last minute location cancellation has the Ezekiel crew doing an impromptu overnight trip to Joshua Tree for the Girls in Guys’ Clothes shoot. But not to worry, with beautiful Mayson Kai in tow the boy were destined to come up with something that would make our jaws drop and keep us begging for more. And talk about dropping jaws, Mayson is perfection in a 19 year-old mix of French and Mexican with a smile that can melt hearts and a body you wish your girlfriend had. But she’s not that typical girl from Malibu, as she has a pet snake named Alejandro and spent 13 years studying ballet, making her a standout amongst the sea of Californian beauties.” - BL!SSS