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Ezekiel Shoots With Our Friends at 1-900

This Winter Ezekiel shot with the talented LA photographer Larsen Sotelo in collaboration with our friends at the multi-talented babe factory / creative group that is 1-900.

Model - CYNDA

Wearing our Present Days Hat
Cynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen Sotelo

Holiday Sessions with the EZSC

Holiday Session from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Ezekiel Surf Club members Kyle Kennelly, Derek Bostelman, Harrison Hewitt hit the beach for a morning surf in beautiful conditions.

Video and Photos by: Michael Cukr


Aloha Spirit from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.


Ezekiel Surf Club members Harrison Hewitt, Michael Cukr, and Kyle Kennelly spotted indications of some playful swell headed towards Hawaii and hopped over to the beautiful islands to catch some lovely late season surf. There was no shortage of good times, from shore to shore these gentlemen caravanned around in a VW campervan pulling off the side of the road at the sight of enticing looking waves. They were often greeted with near empty line ups. Although they had a general sense of where they were surfing, due to their chance based spot selection, they often were not sure of the names of the waves they were surfing. This blissful obliviousness added a layer of adventure to a stretch of coastline that is usually known for being rather revealed. Endowed with seemingly endless oceanic resources, there were plenty of waves to go around making it easy to share slides with a smile. Needless to say, the aloha spirit was at an all time high. Harrison wielded his 7’0” single fin blade shaped by Tanner Barrett while Kyle took to his trusty 7’0” Fineline MP displacement hull shaped by Brian Hilbers often opting out of the use of his center fin.

Filmed & Edited by Michael Cukr

Summer 2016 Lookbook

Our Summer lookbook is here. Summer product is coming soon. 

Check out the work of Juliette Cassidy. You might recognize her style from our lookbook we shot with her last Fall up in Oregon. Juliette is one of our favorite up-and-coming photographers and has been on an absolute tear this over the last year.

Our guy model is our very own captain of the EZSC Kyle Kennelly. Along with Elaine Carlin at Vision.

Shop Summer Now

Ezekiel Surf Club Video - Gliders Rag


Spring time in sunny Southern California where the water's warm and the waves are pleasant. There's nothing quite like taking a couple of days off from the hustle and bustle of life to relax on the beachside and share some waves with your friends. Ezekiel Surf Club members Michael Cukr, Kip Armstrong, and Kyle Kennelly cruised around in search of some swell and found some nice little waves lurking along the coastline of San Diego and Orange County. Here Kip and Kyle traded off between a few boards: 6'4" BMT Displacement Hull, 7' Liddle Death Model, and a 9'5" Dano Nose Glider.

Music by Kip Armstrong - Cannonball Rag and Victory Rag

Filmed and Edited by Michael Cukr

Spring 2016 Coming Soon

Natural Allusion. Discover new Spring looks from Ezekiel.

Photography: Chris Schoonover
Models: Jack Paige and Josefin Gustafsson

Holiday Surf Club Video: A Frequency of Tranquility

This winter, three of the Ezekiel Surf Club members - Nick Maimone, Travis Harder, and Kyle Kennelly - took a break from the rapid velocity of life in the city and took to the countryside in search of serenity, surf, and speculation. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear yourself think in a metropolis, these gentlemen broke away from the grind in search of some headspace. This short by Michael Cukr documents their vacation. An inward self-discovery through the medium of wave riding, time spent trotting along rolling hills in search of silence and the organic sounds of the earth washing over.



"An intrinsic desire for disembarkation from the routine peaks the desire for change. A change of scenery, a change of perspective, a pause of responsibility, it seems imperative for psychological longevity. The gratitude felt for the proverbial new is a function of personal stagnation. Inspiration manifests itself over there; now, we just needed to hop in the car and go. The three of us gathered our quiver of surf crafts, our vessels for cognitive therapy, and hit the road. The urban life as a waterman gets to you after awhile, you need to be on the ocean, after all, it's where everything started yet it is still a place that seems as mysterious as the cosmos even after living lifetimes in and around it. The crisp salty air washes over the hillsides differently out there than it does in the city, unaltered by inorganic obstructions, where the physical waves hit the shoreline the metaphysical tide rushes onward and carries a frequency of tranquility. We need it."

-Kyle Kennelly

Lookbook Video: Ezekiel goes to Iceland

If you haven't checked out our latest lookbook, give it a peek. In it we feature our newest collection Holiday 2015.

We just released the feature video for the trip. Follow Callum and Ellie as they wander martian landscapes and black sand beaches across the rugged island country known as Iceland. 

Ezekiel Holiday Lookbook from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Video: Trevor Wineman

Models: Callum Wilson, Ellie Fox
VFX: Johnny Ostrem @ Woodland Virtual
Color: Gregory Reese @ The Mill

EZSC: Nick Maimone

EZSC's newest member, Nick Maimone is a young shaper, but after only a few years Nick's been carving out a name of his own under the wing of some of the best shapers in the world, such as Marc Andreini.

This new short by Paul Ferraris is a testimony to Nick's talents as a shaper. Surf Club member, Kyle Kennelly, collaborates with Nick on this project taking Nick's contemporary spin on the classic 1967 panel vee-bottom of surfing's Hot Generation. His New Moon longboard is an all around log shape influenced by mid to late sixties Australian designs similar to Nat Young's Magic Sam from 1966. Rolled bottom and pinched rails, this particular board has more of a pivot/noseride fin on it. The Sam is the board ridden by Schuyler Beecroft and is more similar to Young's '66 version, it has a rolled bottom with thin foil and a very forward placed Greenough flex style fin glassed on. Very turn and trim savvy log. The Hull ridden by Oakland based photographer and artist, Sean Howe, is your archetypical with its widepoint forward accompanied by a big flex fin. Rolled bottom thin foil and down rail/hard edge in the tail and a forward fin placement.

Check out more on Nick's boards here:


Our Daily Shred from paul ferraris on Vimeo.

Ezekiel Holiday Lookbook: Location - Iceland

For our Holiday lookbook we decided to travel across the sea to a little rock in the middle of the ocean called Iceland. Iceland is a reminder of the massive, formative powers of nature with its volcanic black sand beaches and colossal glaciers, slowly cleaving deep valleys across the island.

Photography: Julian Berman

Models: Callum WilsonEllie Fox

Video: Trevor Wineman 

NOW Collection Fall 2015

Inspired by the comfort of living in the NOW.

The NOW Collection by Ezekiel Clothing is a fashion loungewear capsule that supports the Life Rolls On Foundation. A percentage of sales of the NOW Collection is donated to the Life Rolls On Foundation to help fund their annual events and spread awareness of the impact LRO has on individuals faced with physical limitations.

To support or for more information visit  

Season Launch: Fall 2015

Ezekiel's Fall collection is out now!

SHOP FALL 2015 in stores and online.

And check out our Fall 2015 Lookbook

Inspired by lignite, mudstone, siltstone, shale, laterite, we wandered through the Painted Hills, a source of inspiration for our Fall Collection.


Life Rolls On "They Will Skate Again" 2015


This year's Life Rolls On "They Will Skate Again" at the Venice Skatepark was as inspirational as it gets. With over 100 adaptive wheelchair and amputee skaters making an appearance, this event keeps raising the bar on the Life Rolls On Mission Statement “To inspire infinite possibilities despite paralysis." The year over year growth in participation of both adaptive skaters and volunteers has been incredible to watch. With participants flying in from all around the globe, the sport is growing rapidly and we feel honored to be involved. Thank you to LRO’s founder and our friend Jesse Billauer for his continued inspiration and support of the paralysis & physically challenged community along with his amazing LRO staff and everyone who came out to make this day happen! We’d also like to thank our amazing and supportive sponsors Active Ride Shop, Society6, and the truly amazing and inspirational Box Wheelchair team.




Video by Corey Stanton

Photos by Morgan Rindengan





This Thursday, Ezekiel Open Party at Wayfarer Costa Mesa

Join us, this Thursday, July 30th at The Wayfarer down in Costa Mesa for the US Open of Surfing. This event will be co-sponsored by our friends at Active Rideshop and Dry Bar for a night of killer tunes and good vibes. Spirit Snake will be hitting the stage at 9pm, followed by Bijoux, Curt Reynolds, and Tropicool. Come on by for some seriously stiff drinks and good company!

When: Thursday, July 30th (9PM - 2AM)

Address: 843 W. 19th Street Costa Mesa CA 92627

 Curt Reynolds DJ Set for Wicket Paradisecast

They Will Skate Again 2015

Coming up on July 25th (9:00am - 4:00pm) at the Venice Skate Park, we're sponsoring Life Rolls On Foundation's (LRO) 5th annual "They Will Skate Again" event & contest. Every year we partner with Life Rolls On to help host They Will Skate Again adaptive skating workshop, pro skate exhibition and adaptive skate competition.

Join us as a volunteer (sign up at: ) and get one of our Ezekiel x LRO limited T-Shirts or come and watch from the rail as participants from different levels of assisted mobility hang out, skate, and compete for prizes and bragging rights. Be sure to stop by the Ezekiel Booth for games and giveaways at the interactive festival village. Over the past few years we’ve seen appearances from skate legends Jay Adams, Bob Burnquist, Christian Hosoi and stars including Grayson Fletcher, Scott Can, and Sal Masekela.


See our wrap-up from last year's event!

WAX Magazine Party at China Chalet


Last Friday we helped our friends at WAX Mag kick Summer off right. Photo recap by: Richard Perez

Tunes by:


Hot Sugar


Ynfynyt Scroll


mess kid




Fall 2015 Lookbook

Inspired by lignite, mudstone, siltstone, shale, laterite, you're invited to wander through the Painted Hills featuring Ezekiel’s Fall 2015 Collection.


Available late Summer / Early Fall 2015 in stores and online.


Photography - Juliette Cassidy

Video - Trevor Wineman

Models - Max Runko and River

Ezekiel Fall 2015 from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.



Summer 2015 Available Now

Ezekiel Summer 2015
Photography - Julian Berman
Music - buttechno
Special thanks to: Wolf Camp Studios



Ezekiel Summer 2015 from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Ezekiel Presents: The Baja Case Study

The Baja Case Study

The Baja Case Study from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Baja Mexico acts as a cerebral counter transistor for the urban wave slider, an alcove to escape the major metropolitan buzz and cultural animosity in favor of more restorative physical and psychological climates. The Baja Case Study is being conducted by Ezekiel Surf Club members Kip Armstong and Kyle Kennelly who seek a deeper understanding of abstractions existing within the flex filed. The two scientists gathered empirical evidence pertinent to contemporary theories on the drive vs. drag optimization in an effort to uncover further truths that lie deep within the classical theories of the Gothic Dolphin Path. An analysis of 9 flex fins across 5 displacement hulls yielded 45 pairings, a sample size that has been deemed adequate by the Association of Displacement Hull Scientists (ADHS) for purposes of making accurate conclusions regarding generalizable applications for stoke maximization. The Ezekiel Surf Club is currently running their statistical analysis on the Baja Case Study, their conclusions will be examined by the ADHS and, upon approval, will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Convex Bottom Contours. Initial readings on the Stoke Regression Equations suggest a positive and statistically significant relationship between the outcome variable, Stoke (S*), and the explanatory variables: Hulliness, Flexiness, Fin Base Width, Fin Front Foil Thickness, and Good Vibes; although, the Stoke and Good Vibes variables seem to exhibit properties of simultaneous causality. Perhaps the most surprising evidence suggests that high levels of stoke can be achieved on a Mandala Dark Crystal Inspired hull with miniature side fins and no center fin. Here we have provided photographic samples from the field study.



WAX Magazine + EZEKIEL 'NOW' Party

Over a month ago we threw a little afterparty with our friends at WAX Magazine to celebrate our collaboration for the LA Art Book Fair. Big thanks to our gracious hosts at Brendan Ravenhill Studio in LA.

Here's what it looked like:



Here's what is sounded like. Tunes courtesy of our friend SHINN:

Spring 2015 Lookbook Video

Video - Trevor Wineman

Models - Ash Stymest and Eddie Pettersson

MUA - Caroline Ramos

Special thanks to: Curryland Studios



Print Collaboration with WAX for LA Art Book Fair at MOCA

We're proud to be partnering  with WAX Magazine for a limited edition publication at The LA Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. We let our friends at WAX Mag interpret All We Have is Now into a collectible publication. An attempt to get to the heart of now.

The show runs from Thursday 1/29 to Sunday 2/1.

Free and open to the public, Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair is a unique event for artists’ books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines presented by more than 250 presses, antiquarians, artists, and independent publishers from over 20 countries.

The NOW Reader collaboration piece is free for anyone who comes by Thursday through Sunday, but will be limited to first come.


We're also hosting an afterparty with WAX Magazine at Brendan Ravenhill Studio details below.

Spring 2015 with Ash Stymest and Julian Berman



Photography - Julian Berman


Models - Ash Stymest and Eddie Pettersson


MUA - Caroline Ramos


Special thanks to: Curryland Studios








AWHN: Artist Collaboration with Designer Futur Neue

For our newest All We Have is Now Artist Collaboration we got to work with one of our favorite designers in the world, Alex Dujet. Typographic designer Alex Dujet is part of Futur Neue a design collective based in Geneva, Switzerland. We asked him to use All We Have is Now as a creative inspiration, and he created a five piece print set which we're now releasing as a limited edition poster collection. The posters are available exclusively on our store.

We are also giving them away on our Instagram - @ezekielclothing

You can also enter via our Tumblr



Derek Fukuhara

Derek Fukuhara as shot by our friend Jay Diebel

Girls in Guys Clothes | Holiday 14

A day on the lake with Joanna.


Model | Joanna Halpin

Photographer | Bryant Eslava

Full lookbook





WAX Magazine Collaboration Shoot: Holiday 14

For our Holiday Lookbook we teamed up with our friends at Wax Magazine.


Art Direction - WAX Magazine

Photography - David Brandon Geeting

Styling - Priscilla Jeong

Models - Tyler Givens and Giza Lagarce


See the whole lookbook

Society6 + Ezekiel Artist Collaboration

We're proud to announce the most recent addition to our Artist Collaboration Series representing a partnership between Ezekiel Clothing and handpicked artists from the Society6 community. This project is part of a broader program of empowering independent artists. The goal is to push contributors to create more progressive works of art, through a commitment to act as an enabler and amplifier for these artists to reach greater audiences. The them of this project is an expression of the limited, temporal nature of living, through the Ezekiel motto All We Have is Now. The whole collection of clocks can be found on our store.

You can also find the clocks on sale in select Active Rideshop stores this Holiday season.

Limited to 100 clocks per design. Designed by:

Anna Pietrzak
Frank Moth
David Cristobal
Vin Ganapathy
Bonus: Ezekiel Designed Clock

    The 5th Annual Ezekiel + Active Halloween Party!

    Some might say we jumped the gun on our Halloween party last Friday, but we'd rather say we got things going for the rest of you. Here's how we do Halloween with our friends at Active Rideshop.

    Big thanks to the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa for the stiff drinks and tasty food!

    -Check out the photos from the photobooth

    -Bonus photos can be found on Active Rideshop's Flickr

    Boat Trips and Sneaky Beaches

    The EZSC took a backyard trip to some of our favorite tucked away beaches to catch the tail end of Summer sunshine. Just kidding, it's California.

    Photos: Michael Cukr

    BL!SSS Feature: Super Taste

    Our newest Girls in Guys’ Clothes babe Mayson Kai Go to or find it in local Orange County shops. Photos by Bryant Eslava

    “Photo shoots don’t always go as planned, and such was the case on this month’s Super Taste shoot, as a last minute location cancellation has the Ezekiel crew doing an impromptu overnight trip to Joshua Tree for the Girls in Guys’ Clothes shoot. But not to worry, with beautiful Mayson Kai in tow the boy were destined to come up with something that would make our jaws drop and keep us begging for more. And talk about dropping jaws, Mayson is perfection in a 19 year-old mix of French and Mexican with a smile that can melt hearts and a body you wish your girlfriend had. But she’s not that typical girl from Malibu, as she has a pet snake named Alejandro and spent 13 years studying ballet, making her a standout amongst the sea of Californian beauties.” - BL!SSS 

    Girls in Guys Clothes | Fall Edition

    Our trip to a lonely desert house with Mayson for our Girls in Guys clothes.


    Model: Mayson Kai

    Photographer: Bryant Eslava


    Fall 2014 Lookbook

    | Model | Payden Hayes

    | Photographer | Bryant Eslava

    Full set here

    Fall 2014 Lookbook Video

    Life Rolls On "They Will Skate Again" 2014

    Life Rolls On "They Will Skate Again" 2014 Presented by Ezekiel Clothing and Active Ride Shop

    Thank you to all the sponsors and everyone who came out to make this day happen!

    Video by Trevor Wineman


    BL!SSS July Ad Feat. Summer '14

    BL!SSS Magazine May 2014 FREE Issue Featuring Ezekiel Summer 2014 ) Location: Salk Institute Photo: Bryant Eslava Model: Lucky Smith //All We Have Is Now//


    Michael Cukr at Sessions Sandwiches

    Good Sandwiches, Good Beer & Good Photos. Thank you Sessions Sandwiches, House Beer and Michael Cukr for the other night. Check out all Cukr's photos of EZSC at Session Sandwiches.

    Girls in Guys Clothes | Summer Edition

    We got lost in the desert and found an oasis.

    This is where palm trees come from.


    | Model | Bryden

    | Photographer | Bryant Eslava

    Shades provided by EPOKHE


    Full set here


    Society6 x Ezekiel

    Hey, artists and designers! Ezekiel is teaming up with our friends over at Society6 to find talented visual artists to collaborate on creating original wall clocks based on the theme of ALL WE HAVE IS NOW. If you're not familiar, Society6 is a community, which empowers independent artists to upload their work and make money on physical merchandise.   


    For all of the details click below...



    Derek Fukuhara at The Cllctiv Art Show

    Photography and art presented by our friend Derek Fukuhara. This Saturday 6/7 at The Cllctiv in Downtown Santa Ana, CA for their annual Art Walk. Free Ezekiel and Filmbot product with every purchase.

    SF Trip


    We took a trip up North to see how the Central Coast does it. We crashed an empty cabin and spent a few days in Santa Cruz, getting mean mugged by the locals. And then headed further North to meet up with Captain Kyle in San Francisco. Just the story of a few guys a few boards and one mustache.

    EZSC Crew: Kyle Kennelly, Derek Bostelman, Michael Cukr, Travis Harder, Trevor Oosterhoof, and Kip Armstrong

    Photos: Michael Cukr

    BL!SSS June Ad Feat. Summer '14

    BL!SSS Magazine May 2014 FREE Issue Featuring Ezekiel Summer 2014 ) Location: Salk Institute Photo: Bryant Eslava Model: Lucky Smith //All We Have Is Now//

    Monster Children #43 - Ad Feat. Trevor Wineman

    Monster Children #43 Featuring Ezekiel Video Shot By: Trevor Wineman Location: Salk Institute | ALL WE HAVE IS NOW |




    BL!SSS Magazine May 2014 FREE Issue Featuring Ezekiel Spring 2014 (Starlight Woven & Short Available In-Store & Online @ Active Ride Shop) Location: Catalina Island Photo: Bryant Eslava Model: Eric Lyle Lodwick //All We Have Is Now//

    Summer 2014 Lookbook

    | Model | Lucky Smith

    | Photographer | Braynt Eslava

    Full set here



    Introducing Ezekiel Joggers


    It’s about time we formally introduced our jogger style pant. Seen here modeled by Payden for our jogger mini-lookbook.

    Our joggers feature elastic waistbands and elastic cuffs in our famous Chopper fit. Available as the Acid Trip Jogger (acid washed twill) and the Def Tone Jogger (stretch cotton twill).

    Get the looks online at & (Online & Select Store Locations) and in store at select Active Ride Shops & Sun Diego Locations.
    Model: Payden
    Photographer: Ryan Winship Mark



    BL!SSS Magazine April Ad (Shot by: Bryant Eslava on Catalina Island) featuring the Break It Long Sleeve Woven & Weekender Pant from our Spring 14' Collection. The White Sands AWHN 6-Panel Snapback Hat designed by Ampal Creative was also featured in their "Jet Set" product review and our boy Peter at The Collective in Newport Beach, CA "All My Friends Are Photographers" Photo Show was featured in their Events write up....cheers to Ezekiel PRO Derek Fukuhara for showcasing his photos and to House Beer for supplying the FREE booze!

    Monster Children #42 - Ad Feat. Photographer Lyall Coburn

    Monster Children #42 Featuring Ezekiel Ad Shot By: Lyall Coburn aka The Aesthetic Consumer Location: South Africa // Letra Short Sleeve Knit Tee Available Summer 2014 | ALL WE HAVE IS NOW |

    Aconsumer - AWHN No. 1 - South Africa


    Introducing our first piece in an ongoing series of collaborations. This film, shot entirely in 16mm, on location in South Africa by Lyall Coburn aka Aconsumer:

    Looking at South African filmmaker and photographer Lyall Coburn’s work is the same strange mix of home comfort and sense of being watched as digging through old VHS tapes in a haunted family attic. His photographs are like listening to Elvis Presley’s 'Blue Hawaii' more than half a century later, when Elvis’ voice is still bubbly-sweet surf, yet a cultish undertone ripples throughout. Coburn is a visitor in an abandoned motel, a nostalgic time-traveler stuck in a 1970’s road trip, and in his films, a fly on the walls of the beautiful and disturbed. - Waste Magazine.

    Artist Statement:

    Often the most beautiful of moments are overlooked by us in our day to day lives. This film abstractly highlights one of life's simple pleasures, holding us in that moment, illustrating that in fact, All We Have Is Now.

    Film synopsis:

    While on a solo journey far from civilization, a man takes shelter from the heat, but ends up finding some relief for his soul.

    Stills from the trip can be found on our Tumblr -


    Website -
    Instagram - @aconsumer
    Vimeo -
    Tumblr -

    The All We Have is Now Artist Collaboration series represents a collaboration between Ezekiel and artists looking to express the temporal nature of living. The program in its simplest form is an enabler and amplifier for individuals and collectives to reach a broader audience with their work. Submissions for potential collaborators can reach out to


    New FREE issue of WAVERSONS is out featuring EZSC Surf Captain Kyle Kennelly shot by EZSC Photographer Michael Cukr //ALL WE HAVE IS NOW//