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The EZSC escapes to Mexico

Summer 17 - Mexico from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

This Summer the club heads South in search of a swell time.


Video by:

Michael Cukr


Kyle Kennelly

Harrison Hewitt

Schuyler Beecroft

Ezekiel Shoots With Our Friends at 1-900

This Winter Ezekiel shot with the talented LA photographer Larsen Sotelo in collaboration with our friends at the multi-talented babe factory / creative group that is 1-900.

Model - CYNDA

Wearing our Present Days Hat
Cynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen SoteloCynda wearing the Present Dayz Hat - Photo by Larsen Sotelo

Holiday Sessions with the EZSC

Holiday Session from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Ezekiel Surf Club members Kyle Kennelly, Derek Bostelman, Harrison Hewitt hit the beach for a morning surf in beautiful conditions.

Video and Photos by: Michael Cukr


Aloha Spirit from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.


Ezekiel Surf Club members Harrison Hewitt, Michael Cukr, and Kyle Kennelly spotted indications of some playful swell headed towards Hawaii and hopped over to the beautiful islands to catch some lovely late season surf. There was no shortage of good times, from shore to shore these gentlemen caravanned around in a VW campervan pulling off the side of the road at the sight of enticing looking waves. They were often greeted with near empty line ups. Although they had a general sense of where they were surfing, due to their chance based spot selection, they often were not sure of the names of the waves they were surfing. This blissful obliviousness added a layer of adventure to a stretch of coastline that is usually known for being rather revealed. Endowed with seemingly endless oceanic resources, there were plenty of waves to go around making it easy to share slides with a smile. Needless to say, the aloha spirit was at an all time high. Harrison wielded his 7’0” single fin blade shaped by Tanner Barrett while Kyle took to his trusty 7’0” Fineline MP displacement hull shaped by Brian Hilbers often opting out of the use of his center fin.

Filmed & Edited by Michael Cukr

Summer 2016 Lookbook

Our Summer lookbook is here. Summer product is coming soon. 

Check out the work of Juliette Cassidy. You might recognize her style from our lookbook we shot with her last Fall up in Oregon. Juliette is one of our favorite up-and-coming photographers and has been on an absolute tear this over the last year.

Our guy model is our very own captain of the EZSC Kyle Kennelly. Along with Elaine Carlin at Vision.

Shop Summer Now

Ezekiel Surf Club Video - Gliders Rag


Spring time in sunny Southern California where the water's warm and the waves are pleasant. There's nothing quite like taking a couple of days off from the hustle and bustle of life to relax on the beachside and share some waves with your friends. Ezekiel Surf Club members Michael Cukr, Kip Armstrong, and Kyle Kennelly cruised around in search of some swell and found some nice little waves lurking along the coastline of San Diego and Orange County. Here Kip and Kyle traded off between a few boards: 6'4" BMT Displacement Hull, 7' Liddle Death Model, and a 9'5" Dano Nose Glider.

Music by Kip Armstrong - Cannonball Rag and Victory Rag

Filmed and Edited by Michael Cukr

Spring 2016 Coming Soon

Natural Allusion. Discover new Spring looks from Ezekiel.

Photography: Chris Schoonover
Models: Jack Paige and Josefin Gustafsson

Holiday Surf Club Video: A Frequency of Tranquility

This winter, three of the Ezekiel Surf Club members - Nick Maimone, Travis Harder, and Kyle Kennelly - took a break from the rapid velocity of life in the city and took to the countryside in search of serenity, surf, and speculation. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear yourself think in a metropolis, these gentlemen broke away from the grind in search of some headspace. This short by Michael Cukr documents their vacation. An inward self-discovery through the medium of wave riding, time spent trotting along rolling hills in search of silence and the organic sounds of the earth washing over.



"An intrinsic desire for disembarkation from the routine peaks the desire for change. A change of scenery, a change of perspective, a pause of responsibility, it seems imperative for psychological longevity. The gratitude felt for the proverbial new is a function of personal stagnation. Inspiration manifests itself over there; now, we just needed to hop in the car and go. The three of us gathered our quiver of surf crafts, our vessels for cognitive therapy, and hit the road. The urban life as a waterman gets to you after awhile, you need to be on the ocean, after all, it's where everything started yet it is still a place that seems as mysterious as the cosmos even after living lifetimes in and around it. The crisp salty air washes over the hillsides differently out there than it does in the city, unaltered by inorganic obstructions, where the physical waves hit the shoreline the metaphysical tide rushes onward and carries a frequency of tranquility. We need it."

-Kyle Kennelly

Lookbook Video: Ezekiel goes to Iceland

If you haven't checked out our latest lookbook, give it a peek. In it we feature our newest collection Holiday 2015.

We just released the feature video for the trip. Follow Callum and Ellie as they wander martian landscapes and black sand beaches across the rugged island country known as Iceland. 

Ezekiel Holiday Lookbook from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Video: Trevor Wineman

Models: Callum Wilson, Ellie Fox
VFX: Johnny Ostrem @ Woodland Virtual
Color: Gregory Reese @ The Mill

EZSC: Nick Maimone

EZSC's newest member, Nick Maimone is a young shaper, but after only a few years Nick's been carving out a name of his own under the wing of some of the best shapers in the world, such as Marc Andreini.

This new short by Paul Ferraris is a testimony to Nick's talents as a shaper. Surf Club member, Kyle Kennelly, collaborates with Nick on this project taking Nick's contemporary spin on the classic 1967 panel vee-bottom of surfing's Hot Generation. His New Moon longboard is an all around log shape influenced by mid to late sixties Australian designs similar to Nat Young's Magic Sam from 1966. Rolled bottom and pinched rails, this particular board has more of a pivot/noseride fin on it. The Sam is the board ridden by Schuyler Beecroft and is more similar to Young's '66 version, it has a rolled bottom with thin foil and a very forward placed Greenough flex style fin glassed on. Very turn and trim savvy log. The Hull ridden by Oakland based photographer and artist, Sean Howe, is your archetypical with its widepoint forward accompanied by a big flex fin. Rolled bottom thin foil and down rail/hard edge in the tail and a forward fin placement.

Check out more on Nick's boards here:


Our Daily Shred from paul ferraris on Vimeo.