Aconsumer - AWHN No. 1 - South Africa


Introducing our first piece in an ongoing series of collaborations. This film, shot entirely in 16mm, on location in South Africa by Lyall Coburn aka Aconsumer:

Looking at South African filmmaker and photographer Lyall Coburn’s work is the same strange mix of home comfort and sense of being watched as digging through old VHS tapes in a haunted family attic. His photographs are like listening to Elvis Presley’s 'Blue Hawaii' more than half a century later, when Elvis’ voice is still bubbly-sweet surf, yet a cultish undertone ripples throughout. Coburn is a visitor in an abandoned motel, a nostalgic time-traveler stuck in a 1970’s road trip, and in his films, a fly on the walls of the beautiful and disturbed. - Waste Magazine.

Artist Statement:

Often the most beautiful of moments are overlooked by us in our day to day lives. This film abstractly highlights one of life's simple pleasures, holding us in that moment, illustrating that in fact, All We Have Is Now.

Film synopsis:

While on a solo journey far from civilization, a man takes shelter from the heat, but ends up finding some relief for his soul.

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The All We Have is Now Artist Collaboration series represents a collaboration between Ezekiel and artists looking to express the temporal nature of living. The program in its simplest form is an enabler and amplifier for individuals and collectives to reach a broader audience with their work. Submissions for potential collaborators can reach out to