Music Feature: Interview with Alex Craig of Limited


We featured New Day Rising by Limited in our Fall '13 lookbook video, which is one of only two tracks by the relatively new project of Alex Craig. Alex is best known for his involvement Big Troubles and Duck Tails, and seems to be onto something with this new brand of synthy, dreamlike pop.

Ian: Growing up what inspired you to start making music? What was the first song you ever wrote?

Alex: I can sort of trace it back to being in third grade, watching TV and flipping through the channels and coming across a re-run of the MTV 1996 video awards. I hadn't really been interested in rock music until that point, but I remember Smashing Pumpkins totally swept the show and won most of the awards, so I bought their cassette and became obsessed (I still am). Not long after I wrote a song called "Flying On A Raindrop", which was just a note for note rip of the "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" melody...

Ian: How did Limited start?

Alex: I started Limited as a side project to do more electronic/programmed stuff while playing with my last band Big Troubles, which was more of a straight forward guitar-pop thing. When that band started winding down, Limited became my main project.

Ian: How did you get hooked up with Matt Mondanile and New Images? Has he had any input or influence on Limited?

Alex: I've been playing with Matt as a guitarist in the Ducktails live band (and in studio for 'The Flower Lane') for a few years.  When he first started the label I asked if he'd do a record for my "solo project", which at that point didn't actually exist yet, but he agreed. I would say he's maybe had a tiny bit of indirect influence on my projects since I think my guitar style has been influenced by his somewhat over the years of playing together.

Ian: The sounds you are producing with Limited are amazing. It’s very unique and unlike anything else out there right now. How would you describe Limited’s sound and what was your inspiration for the music you’ve produced so far?

Alex: It's just a combination of the different sounds I like... so the songs end up being as influenced by Janet Jackson as they are by Smashing Pumpkins. I'm a big fan of Pop-'n'-B type writers like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, or in a more contemporary sense someone like The-Dream. Some other "sonic" influences are the programming on mid-period Scritti Politti albums, Brad Laner's guitar approach on the Medicine albums, and... Orgy + Deadsy.

Ian: When we first got to White Sands I immediately put on your track “New Day Rising” and it just fit the dreamlike mood of the environment so well.  Is there a specific season or place that you think of as ideal for listening to your music?

Alex: Cruising through West Hollywood in a rental 2011 Nissan Maxima high on meth, having just received some very good news.

Ian: What is the motive behind the move to make your current two tracks only available on vinyl? Will tracks eventually be available online to purchase or will the music continue to remain limited…just like the band name?

Alex: I think that's just the nature of 7" releases, I've got plans for longer form releases which will be available in digital form.

Ian: What are some artists you’re into right now?

Alex: Some bands/projects I like in New York (where I live) right now are: Ian Drennan, King Cyst, Ice Choir, Regal Degal, Airbird, La Big Vic, Home Blitz, DV-i, & Autre Ne Veut. I'm a fan of the visual artists Eric Shaw and Ian Drennan.

Ian: What does the future hold for Limited? Any new tracks/tour dates in the works? We would love to see you out on the West Coast!

Alex: There will be a new single released in the near future, with more shows and releases to follow

You can find Limited at: