Profile: Michael Cukr


As you might have already noticed, we dig this kid's work. 19 year old photographer Michael Cukr (photo #1 above) shoots mostly black and white and develops his own film. We picked out some of our favorites above and sat down to ask Michael a few questions:

What was the first camera you ever shot on?
First still camera was a Canon Rebel ti with a 50mm 1.4. I shot a lot of video stuff before that though.

Why film, and more specifically why do you mostly shoot black and white?
Why film/black and white? because that's what I learned on. I became really familiar with it. I'm just beginning to branch away from b/w negative film.

Is the rise of Instagram good or bad for photography?
It has its ups and downs. its great for networking and self promotion. But I feel like its taken away from better platforms of photography. iPhone screen resolution doesn't exceed 1 megapixel and people post their real work on there which I think is kinda sad. It can really degrade people's photos.

You can tag along with any photographer for the day, who would be your first pick?
Frank Ockenfels or Bryan Schutmaat, tough pick.

Favorite Tumblrs, blogs, magazines you've been following lately?

I mainly follow music blogs. but I'll keep this more photo related.

What is your favorite subject to shoot?
There's not one thing I enjoy shooting more than others. If I had to pick one it would be people in general, but I'm most inspired by unlikely settings or arrangements that happen naturally. I'm pretty inspired by urban landscape and street photographers.

What does ALL WE HAVE IS NOW mean to you?
All We Have is Now is really relevant to the way I see the world. It's really true. The future and the past don't exist. You will never relive the past and you aren't promised another moment. You could die before you finish reading this answer. "Now" provides you with so much opportunity. I would say somebody that has learned to appreciate "NOW" is somebody who has reached success.

Where can people find you?,, @michaelcukr, facebook, California, Washington D.C., my house, etc.

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