Aloha Spirit from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.


Ezekiel Surf Club members Harrison Hewitt, Michael Cukr, and Kyle Kennelly spotted indications of some playful swell headed towards Hawaii and hopped over to the beautiful islands to catch some lovely late season surf. There was no shortage of good times, from shore to shore these gentlemen caravanned around in a VW campervan pulling off the side of the road at the sight of enticing looking waves. They were often greeted with near empty line ups. Although they had a general sense of where they were surfing, due to their chance based spot selection, they often were not sure of the names of the waves they were surfing. This blissful obliviousness added a layer of adventure to a stretch of coastline that is usually known for being rather revealed. Endowed with seemingly endless oceanic resources, there were plenty of waves to go around making it easy to share slides with a smile. Needless to say, the aloha spirit was at an all time high. Harrison wielded his 7’0” single fin blade shaped by Tanner Barrett while Kyle took to his trusty 7’0” Fineline MP displacement hull shaped by Brian Hilbers often opting out of the use of his center fin.

Filmed & Edited by Michael Cukr