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Society6 + Ezekiel Artist Collaboration

We're proud to announce the most recent addition to our Artist Collaboration Series representing a partnership between Ezekiel Clothing and handpicked artists from the Society6 community. This project is part of a broader program of empowering independent artists. The goal is to push contributors to create more progressive works of art, through a commitment to act as an enabler and amplifier for these artists to reach greater audiences. The them of this project is an expression of the limited, temporal nature of living, through the Ezekiel motto All We Have is Now. The whole collection of clocks can be found on our store.

You can also find the clocks on sale in select Active Rideshop stores this Holiday season.

Limited to 100 clocks per design. Designed by:

Anna Pietrzak
Frank Moth
David Cristobal
Vin Ganapathy
Bonus: Ezekiel Designed Clock

    Society6 x Ezekiel

    Hey, artists and designers! Ezekiel is teaming up with our friends over at Society6 to find talented visual artists to collaborate on creating original wall clocks based on the theme of ALL WE HAVE IS NOW. If you're not familiar, Society6 is a community, which empowers independent artists to upload their work and make money on physical merchandise.   


    For all of the details click below...