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The EZSC escapes to Mexico

Summer 17 - Mexico from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

This Summer the club heads South in search of a swell time.


Video by:

Michael Cukr


Kyle Kennelly

Harrison Hewitt

Schuyler Beecroft

Holiday Sessions with the EZSC

Holiday Session from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.

Ezekiel Surf Club members Kyle Kennelly, Derek Bostelman, Harrison Hewitt hit the beach for a morning surf in beautiful conditions.

Video and Photos by: Michael Cukr

Ezekiel Surf Club Video - Gliders Rag


Spring time in sunny Southern California where the water's warm and the waves are pleasant. There's nothing quite like taking a couple of days off from the hustle and bustle of life to relax on the beachside and share some waves with your friends. Ezekiel Surf Club members Michael Cukr, Kip Armstrong, and Kyle Kennelly cruised around in search of some swell and found some nice little waves lurking along the coastline of San Diego and Orange County. Here Kip and Kyle traded off between a few boards: 6'4" BMT Displacement Hull, 7' Liddle Death Model, and a 9'5" Dano Nose Glider.

Music by Kip Armstrong - Cannonball Rag and Victory Rag

Filmed and Edited by Michael Cukr

Holiday Surf Club Video: A Frequency of Tranquility

This winter, three of the Ezekiel Surf Club members - Nick Maimone, Travis Harder, and Kyle Kennelly - took a break from the rapid velocity of life in the city and took to the countryside in search of serenity, surf, and speculation. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear yourself think in a metropolis, these gentlemen broke away from the grind in search of some headspace. This short by Michael Cukr documents their vacation. An inward self-discovery through the medium of wave riding, time spent trotting along rolling hills in search of silence and the organic sounds of the earth washing over.



"An intrinsic desire for disembarkation from the routine peaks the desire for change. A change of scenery, a change of perspective, a pause of responsibility, it seems imperative for psychological longevity. The gratitude felt for the proverbial new is a function of personal stagnation. Inspiration manifests itself over there; now, we just needed to hop in the car and go. The three of us gathered our quiver of surf crafts, our vessels for cognitive therapy, and hit the road. The urban life as a waterman gets to you after awhile, you need to be on the ocean, after all, it's where everything started yet it is still a place that seems as mysterious as the cosmos even after living lifetimes in and around it. The crisp salty air washes over the hillsides differently out there than it does in the city, unaltered by inorganic obstructions, where the physical waves hit the shoreline the metaphysical tide rushes onward and carries a frequency of tranquility. We need it."

-Kyle Kennelly

Boat Trips and Sneaky Beaches

The EZSC took a backyard trip to some of our favorite tucked away beaches to catch the tail end of Summer sunshine. Just kidding, it's California.

Photos: Michael Cukr

Michael Cukr at Sessions Sandwiches

Good Sandwiches, Good Beer & Good Photos. Thank you Sessions Sandwiches, House Beer and Michael Cukr for the other night. Check out all Cukr's photos of EZSC at Session Sandwiches.

SF Trip


We took a trip up North to see how the Central Coast does it. We crashed an empty cabin and spent a few days in Santa Cruz, getting mean mugged by the locals. And then headed further North to meet up with Captain Kyle in San Francisco. Just the story of a few guys a few boards and one mustache.

EZSC Crew: Kyle Kennelly, Derek Bostelman, Michael Cukr, Travis Harder, Trevor Oosterhoof, and Kip Armstrong

Photos: Michael Cukr


New FREE issue of WAVERSONS is out featuring EZSC Surf Captain Kyle Kennelly shot by EZSC Photographer Michael Cukr //ALL WE HAVE IS NOW//

Waversons ad feat. EZSC Kip Armstrong

Pick up the new free issue of Waversons magazine and check out our ad featuring EZSC member & Newport legend Kip Armstrong photo by: Alex Swanson / / all we have is now // product of California

Remind Me to Forget + What Youth Site Takeover

For 24 hours only Jeremy Asher Lynch's experimental new surf film Remind Me to Forget takes over Ezekiel Surf Club Captain Kyle Kennelly stars alongside Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, and Alex Knost. Remind Me to Forget is: A hypnotic journey into the subconscious of a young man unhinged from time.

If you're quick, you can watch the whole film now at